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  • Arto

    Arto ℠ is a URL shortening service provided free of charge. This service takes your long URL and converts it into a shorter more manageable URL. In Latin; Arto means to press together, reduce, abridged. This is "figuratively" what the URL shortening service does to a long URL. a URL today.

  • MobilePOD

    MobilePOD ® is a hosted "Proof of Delivery" system that uses Android, iOS and Windows Mobile ® devices. You can collect data from anywhere using our mobile client and you can access that data from anywhere using our hosted application.

    Since DBPAS hosts this system, all you need is a mobile device to start providing "Proof of Delivery" to your customers today. Contact Us now, you will find our system to be affordable and easy to use. Need assistance in obtaining mobile devices that are affordable? DBPAS can do that as well.


  • AZ Kids Hope

  • Code 4 Me University

  • Dead Mule Ranch

  • Faction Worx

  • Kennedy Morgan Dunn Foundation

  • Kessel Run Transport

  • KRS Fitness

  • Ladies Of The Pole

  • LJ DunSki Holdings

  • Mynes Engineering

  • Red Letter Delivery

  • Ski Delivery


  • dbpasAlignToCircle

    Take a group of elements and align them in a circle. |

  • dbpasCarousel

    Another jQuery carousel plugin! |

  • dbpasGeoLoc

    HTML5 Geolocation |

  • dbpasSliceImage

    jQuery plugin to slice image into separate pieces for manipulation. |


  • Position Elements Into Circle

    Position list items into a circle.

  • Input Label / Placeholder All-In-One

    Make your input label do double duty as placeholder text.

  • Door Opening

    Door opening effect during hover event with only CSS.

  • Bootstrap, Hover Caption and Filter

    Images with hover caption and filter using Bootstrap grid.

  • Custom List Style Types

    Remove the chains imposed on you by CSS list-style-type rule.

  • Fan Folding Image

    Folds and unfolds an image like a fan.


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